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DOT Physical FAQ

1.  Does a DOT physical include a drug test?
A drug test is not part of the DOT physical exam. 

2.  What’s involved in a DOT physical?
The exam is very straightforward. See here for more information.

3   Why do I have a urine test?
The urine test is a screen for sugar and protein. It can determine conditions such as high blood pressure degrading the kidneys or early signs of diabetes or kidney infection.

4.  Can I obtain a copy of my DOT physical form?
Yes. We will give you two copies of the long form – one for you and one for your company. We can fax your DOT physical forms to your company, if necessary. We will maintain a copy of the exam for our records.

5.  How long is a DOT medical card good for?
If the driver has no restrictions, a CDL medical card is good for two years. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes can restrict the duration of the medical card.
6.  How many three-month DOT medical cards can you have?
Only one. The condition that caused the restriction should be under control by the end of the three-month window.
7.  Is there a difference between a DOT medical and a DOT physical?
No. These terms are used interchangeably. Generally speaking, DOT medical refers to the medical card and the DOT physical refers to the exam itself. They are sometimes referred to as CDL physical or CDL medical.
8.  How much does the DOT physical cost?
At Horne Chiropractic Center the DOT physical exam is $65.


9. If I need a DOT and school bus physical at the same time will I be charged twice?

No. One fee of $65 will be charged for both exams and certificates.

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